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A perfect day in Ronda

Actualizado: 1 ene 2021

Discover Andalucia from your beach-home-base in Marbella. Come for a stay at our Marbella Beach Apartments!

If you are planning on staying with us for a week in 2021, a one hour drive away from the coast will bring you to beautiful Ronda where you can immerse yourself in Spanish history and scenery for the day. Book our place on Airbnb, find a cheap flight and enjoy a week in the sun! An hour drive from the coast, drive up the winding mountain road into back-country scenery and discover the spectacular site of Ronda. Take warmer clothes and hiking shoes, the weather is frequently quite a bit cooler in this region.

The easiest place to park is in the modern part of town, in a paying parking garage for example the Onepark "Parking Ronda" near the Plaza del Socorro. From there, it is easy to find the Bullring and the start of our walking tour.

This walking tour will take you around the main sights and views of the town within a few hours, depending on if you stop to visit the palaces churches, museums and gardens...

  • Plaza de Toros - the tour starts at the bullring plaza

  • Alameda del Tajo park - walk to the edge of the park for beautiful views over the river gorge and countryside

  • Puente Nuevo, - spectacular bridge linking old and new Ronda, the symbol of the town

  • Casa y jardines del Rey Moro. - Moorish castle and gardens, but the most intriguing is the arabian "water mine", 200 steps down to the turquoise waters of the river, if you are feeling athletic and sure-footed it is unusual and interesting!

  • Puente Viejo - Cross the "old bridge" to get over to the other side of the city for breathtaking views of the Puente Nuevo and the river gorge.

  • Jardines de Cuenca o de la Mina - great view from these gardens over the Puente Nuevo from different viewing areas.

  • Puerta de la Cijara - Discover the arab influenced architecture with the moorish double-door and the fortified walls in this area of town, also with lovely views, and have a look at the San Sebastian minaret in the moorish theme..

  • Strolling around the little streets and parks in this area you will come to the most beautiful church in Ronda, Iglesia de Santa Maria.

  • The Mondragon Palace is also worth a visit to complete your day immersed in moorish and Spanish history.

Lunch in Ronda is highly recommended, you will find country food, game, rabbit and goat on the menus, quite a different offering from the beachside chiringuitos down on the coast. If you want to spend a bit more time, we recommend driving down to the Cueva del Gato area, to see the beautiful river pool with turquoise water and maybe go for a swim in the refreshing river water?

Across from Cueva del Gato there are several country inns offering incredible lunch menus for 9 euros (3 courses including drinks and coffee).

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