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Massage Therapy in Marbella

Where can you get a safe massage in Marbella in April 2021? Right here in Calahonda!

The beautiful climate Marbella and outdoor activities in Marbella make it a perfect spot for healthy living, wellness, and taking good care of yourself. When you are staying with us at Honeymoon Penthouse or Paradise Beach, I hope you can take time to really unwind with a fabulous reflexology or deep-tissue massage. But wait, is it safe? Yes! It is possible to have a safe massage nowadays. If your therapist follows the professional industry guidelines, you will feel safe and be able to enjoy your long missed massage treatment.

Massage treatments have so many benefits. And if your therapist follows professional protocol, it is safe to take care of yourself even in these times.

Meet Marjan

Marjan Looije was born in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. She moved to Australia in 1990 where she lived for 11 years, in 2000 she emigrated to Spain. She always was interested in healing works and she studied different therapies in Australia, Spain and Ireland. She has built up a large clientele over the years and moved her business to Calahonda where she lives. Her speciality is Foot Reflexology and she loves to see her patients enjoy her treatments. And judging by her many repeat clients, she is an experienced therapist, who has the right touch. Send Marjan a Whatsapp to make an appointment!

I tested Marjan's massage techniques for you and here is my experience!

I made my appointment easily by sending her a Whatsapp message. Marjan takes appointments from 11 to 6 on workdays. Her treatment room is in Calahonda, in a tranquil private residence with secure gate and plenty of parking. I wasn't sure what to expect, since I hadn't had any massage treatments since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020. Marjan came to the door dressed in professional nurses whites, fully protected with gloves and surgical mask. She took my temperature and provided antiseptic gel for the hands. Of course you must keep your mask on at all times. Marjan airs out the room for 30 minutes between treatments and insists on the proper protocol. It felt delicious to be pampered again. Marjan wears latex gloves while giving the massage to protect herself and her clients - you might be surprised that you can hardly feel the difference at all. My reflexology session lasted 40 minutes, it was heaven. Marjan is really knowledgeable and everything she "discovered" in my feet was true. She worked on tensions through my toes and feet and I could feel my whole body relaxing. She can help so many pathologies by her caring attention. Digestion problems, muscle tension, neck pain, stress - it's all apparent to her in your feet ! I didn't think twice before booking 2 more sessions. I feel great and look younger after this much needed treatment!

Deep Tissue Massage

Is a massage that works deep into the muscle tissues of the body. By working out knots

and tension deep within the muscles, this is a perfect choice for those who experience a lot of muscular tension or have special issues and injuries.

Foot Reflexology

Is a natural healing touch therapy, based on the principle that there exists ten zones of energies which run from the top of the head to the soles of the feet and to the palms of the hands directly responding to all parts and organs of the body. By using a technique of intermittent pressure with the finger and thumb, there is the possibility of reducing stress, tension and other disorders or illnesses, improving the blood circulation and the elimination of toxins, bringing the body into a natural state of balance and harmony in all its parts. By eliminating the causes and symptoms of diseases and pain, Reflexology renews the vigor and vitality of the body.

Indian Head Massage

Is manipulation of the skull, face, neck, shoulders, back and arms. Traditiona

lly offered in India by hair dressers the Indian Head Massage stimulates blood circulation to the skull and thus improves hair growth. It releases toxins and aids lymphatic drainage.

She is located in Calahonda - easy access, easy parking.

What are you waiting for? Take care of yourself again.

Reach out to us and we'll help organize and make it happen.

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